I’m Ben Cochran. This is an outdated list of some things I’ve made. I have some newer things on GitHub and my resume.

Ultralingua Dictionary for iOS

A redesigned and streamlined version of Ultralingua’s iOS dictionary. I can’t show you much about this one yet, sorry.


A kinetic sculpture involving an Arduino, water, suger and my iPhone.


An augmented–reality iPhone application. Created as a college capstone project.


A Quicksilver interface created by Julius Eckert. I updated and maintained it for a few years.

Startup Weekend — Foodseeking

A weekend project to make it easy to find gluten-free foods in restaurants near you.


Tumblr theme creation made easier. Allows you to see your actual blog content in your theme as you edit it.

Python CFPropertyList

Binary plists are handy, but too tied to Objective-C. This is a Python port of Christian Kruse's Ruby CFPropertyList (well, some of it).